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Wellness & Life Coaching

wellness-coaching Once you find out what your particular food-related challenges are, the next step is deciding how to deal with them. Most of us have at least a vague idea WHAT we’re supposed to do, but many get hung up on HOW to do it. We become confused, overwhelmed. It’s difficult to know where to start, then the challenge is to remain motivated. This is why most diets fail: After all, if they worked, we wouldn’t have weight problems. This is where wellness and life coaching come in.

Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvements in their lives. A coach enables change by focusing on a client’s stated needs, values, vision and goals, helping to bring out their client’s personal best.

When you work with us at Harmonic Nutrition & Wellness LLC on a coaching basis:

  • Together, we’ll identify your personal vision for your life, identifying priorities for your fitness, weight, nutrition, stress, disease management or health.
  • We’ll also discuss the principles important to you being successful in developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • We’ll have weekly or bi-weekly check-in sessions (in-person or by telephone), so you have the support you need to be successful at meeting your goals.

Working in a collaborative coaching relationship sets you up for success in meeting your personal goals of living a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Who Can Benefit From Wellness and Life Coaching?

Anyone willing to invest in him- or herself to improve their level of wellbeing in some capacity can find significant advantage in working with a wellness coach.

What Kind of Results Can I expect?

By the end of three months, you can expect to reach more than 70% of your three-month goals. You can also expect to feel energized and confident in embarking on new goals with or without your coach.


Lesli facilitated and coached us in a caring, friendly and professional manner, and helped us bond and support one another. The discussions were open and personal. She lived the principled of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. Her knowledge of Dr May's ideas was exceptional. An added bonus...

Judy B.