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Nutrition for Athletes

For Kids, Teens and Families

Worried about your young child’s burgeoning weight? Early intervention can make a huge difference in the quality of your child’s future. And it’s not just about food. We’re passionate about coaching kids, teens and families to discover realistic, effective ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday life. Learn more about our coaching and Pediatric Services.


For Adult Athletes

When you’re not competing, which pre-game meal or post-event snack will provide the best performance-enhancing results?

  • What foods will maximize your post-workout recovery time?
  • How can you shed a few pounds without getting too hungry to stick to a calorie- restricted diet and ending up over-eating or bingeing?

When you are competing, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-fledged athlete, it’s critical to balance the right mix of macronutrients -- such as fats, protein and carbohydrates -- for the energy you need to compete. We empower you with knowledge and strategies to

  • make the best possible food and hydration choices, based on your specific activity and lifestyle.
  • maximize your power, stamina and endurance to help you reach peak performance. 


Performance Testing & Analysis

One effective approach is our new science-based, performance enhancing blood test and rotational diet protocol. Our ALCAT Testing and Diet is a performance-enhancing alternative to illegal and dangerous steroids, human growth hormone and other controversial supplements. Learn more about ALCAT and other nutritional testing.

Sports Nutrition Products


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See how Tampa Bay Buccaneer Chris Hovan and his wife changed their diets based on their ALCAT Test results

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