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For Health Practitioners

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Harmonic Nutrition is dedicated to building value for our clients by creating a network of related health practitioners. We reach out to Registered Dietitians, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and other professionals whose collective knowledge and experience we can leverage for the best outcomes possible.

Along with our clients and patients, these relationships also benefit our associated practitioners in several ways:

  1. Mutual Patient Referrals
  2. Business Development Consulting
  3. Better Outcomes via New Technology
  4. Enhanced Revenue Stream

How Can We Help You?

Our President and Founder, Lesli Bitel-Koskela is experienced in healthcare and business and is an MBA candidate (2012) in Global Business & Organizational Behavior. She understands the demands on health care providers, and the feeling of being “caught in the middle,” wanting to provide quality care, but also needing to run a profitable enterprise. Lesli knows what patients want in a practitioner and is effective at helping people change behaviors via coaching skills.

Consult With Lesli

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8:00-6:00 PM weekdays, by appointment only.  
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