Harmonic Nutrition and Wellness




Referring Practitioners


Our practice is narrow and deep: We specialize in specific areas of diet and nutrition-related treatment and consultation. We accept referrals from colleagues whose patients are in need of our specialized skills, and also make similar referrals to those we know can help our clients in ways we can’t.


Patient Referral Process

  1. You complete a client referral form (pediatric or adult MNT) or send me a request to discuss your patient by phone or email.
  2. Include patient’s email address, cell phone number, diagnosis and reason for consult.
  3. Send your patient to my website to learn more, and either call for an appointment or request one online.
  4. Your patient will complete the online contact form and I will follow up accordingly.
  5. I will fax back the MNT assessment and plan within one week of seeing your patient.


Rest assured that your patient will get the highest quality nutrition and wellness services, based in science and professional integrity, delivered in a motivating and personalized manner.