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Business Coaching Services

Healthier Patients Through Healthier Practices

Our CEO, Lesli Bitel-Koskela, is an MBA candidate (2012), along with her health-related degrees. Under our consulting division, Harmonic Strategies, we leverage her knowledge to help you develop your practice by consulting on the business side of your work. We help you develop and implement customized strategies for enterprise-wide functions such as:

  • Record keeping
  • Virtual Interactive Medical Records System
  • Vision and mission development
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Customer Service & Client Retention
  • Succession Planning

Business Coaching Services

Coaching differs from consulting in that it is more specific to your individual needs as a CEO, narrowing its focus on certain aspects of your business and considering your personal approach to your practice. We will delve deeply into each facet we explore, discussing all aspects of your health care practice from a business standpoint, including:

  • Planning and startup for new practices
  • Leveraging new technology for efficiency & profitability
  • Systems and personnel issues  


There is no set agenda for coaching: We concentrate on whatever needs you have as the leader of your business.

All business consulting and coaching services are delivered on an hourly fee basis.