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Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome
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PCOS Intervention Strategies

To empower our clients, we emphasize self-care strategies along with a healthy approach to nutrition and exercise.

  • Learn mindful eating techniques to increase hunger cue awareness and reduce emotional eating.
  • Discover wellness & lifestyle coaching for improved life satisfaction, stress management and vitality.    
  • Learn how to manage carbohydrate cravings and blood sugar dips that can zap your energy and cause overeating or bingeing.
  • Discover ways to boost your metabolism to burn fat while protecting muscle mass.
  • Feel confident in making food choices based on the latest science.


Additional Options for our PCOS Clients


Am I Hungry?® - Mindful eating workshops or private coaching sessions help you keep food in its proper place in your life. Learn more.

Dietary Supplements
Reducing inflammation is critical in the treatment of PCOS. Research indicates a high quality fish oil supplement, containing a mix of omega III fatty acids, is recommended for this purpose.

Take a look at the other supplements we recommend to round out your dietary needs.

Trying to conceive?  
If you’re pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, or lactating, we offer a comprehensive Pre-natal Supplement Support Pack that helps build your nutrient stores to meet the greater demands of a growing baby. 

Food Sensitivity Testing
Studies have shown that ALCAT food sensitivity testing and implementation of a customized diet protocol provides significant results in

  • improving body composition
  • inducing weight loss
  • improvements in insulin sensitivity
  • reducing inflammation

Learn more about food sensitivity testing

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Discover Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching for improved life satisfaction, stress management and vitality

Lesli was very calming, knowledgeable, and helpful in every way. She gave me some great ideas and also helped me with health issue questions. She is wonderful!

Ina Marquardt.
Associate, Rustoleum, Inc. , Vernon Hills, IL