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Cardiovascular Health

Heart fitness you can LIVE with.

Have you been diagnosed with:

High blood pressure?
Elevated cholesterol or triglycerides?
High blood sugar?
Are you at risk for cardiovascular disease due to family history?


These can be scary things to hear. At Harmonic Nutrition and Wellness, we can help you respond knowledgeably instead of reacting out of fear or – worse yet – feeling paralyzed into doing nothing. We’ll help you understand your options and work with you to develop a realistic plan to significantly reduce your risk of coronary artery disease and stroke.

I hold a degree in Exercise Physiology, which enables me to promote health fitness in hospitals and corporate settings. Let me put that same expertise to work for you, designing a training program you can LIVE with for cardiac rehabilitation and optimizing your cardiac fitness.

Cholesterol and Blood Lipid Management
Heart disease continues to be the number one killer in the U.S., killing more Americans per year than cancer. And we now understand it’s not just a “man’s disease.” Worldwide, the death rate is 8.6 million women per year, causing a third of all deaths in women.

No one can guarantee that it won’t happen to you, but there are many things you can do to lessen your risk. We can recommend many highly effective treatments and prevention strategies to dramatically reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Key factors in our protocol include interventions focused on normalizing

  • blood lipids (LDL, HDL and triglycerides)
  • glucose intolerance
  • blood pressure


You Steer, We’ll Help Navigate


As with any lifestyle change, meaningful, lasting progress must start from within yourself. Most folks struggle with where to begin, and that’s where we come in. We’ll help you

  • clarify a vision for your sustainable wellness
  • create goals and realistic action steps to move you closer to your vision
  • guide you in learning to implement a healthy diet lifestyle that adds healthy fats and reduces saturated fats

We design this regimen to provide all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy, while providing the right mix of carbohydrates, fats, protein and calories for optimal heart health. This optimally nutrient-dense diet is rounded out with guidance on appropriate exercise therapy to meet your goals.


Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching
For ongoing support in meeting your lifestyle goals, we recommend weekly check-in sessions with your wellness coach. Learn more about this transformational process!

Nutritional Supplements for Heart Health
There are many effective and scientifically proven dietary supplements that can help support your cardiovascular health. Below are links to supplements we feel confident recommending to our clients:

Advanced LipiTrim Ultra

Heart Healthy Essential Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E

CoQ10 Cardiovascular & Immune Support Formula

Isotonix Resveratrol

Heart Health Systems

Also, consider ALCAT food sensitivity testing to improve body composition, lose weight, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

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