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Additional Corporate Wellness Programs

Additional Employee/Corporate Wellness Programs


All “Lunch-n-Learn” sessions and corporate/group workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Below is a selected list of potential topics. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact me directly.


  • Am I Hungry?® Introductory Workshop & 8-Week Workshop Series
  • Take Control of Your Health!
  • Taming the Frenzy: Organize the brain to get things done!
  • Tips for Eating Healthy and Being Fit for a Lifetime
  • Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life: Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight
  • Engineered Sports Foods: Making Sense of the Commercial Sports Food Scene
  • Portion Control: Don’t Go Overboard
  • Dieting Tips for Active People: How to Lose Fat and Have Energy to Exercise
  • A Good Night’s Sleep: Stress, Insomnia and Work Productivity
  • The Low-Stress Diet: Eating For A Healthy Immune System In A Stressful World
  • Balancing Act: Activity for Busy People
  • Diets: Fat from Fiction
  • Re-Think Your Drink
  • Stress Eating and Food Cravings
  • No Battles, Better Eating for Kids
  • Eat Smart for Breakfast
  • Diabetes 101
  • Eat This, Not That
  • Eating on the Go: Fast Food Alternatives
  • Journey Into Wellness
  • Lose Weight Without Chronic Hunger
  • Healthy Diet Doesn’t Come in a Pill
  • My Pyramid Shopping Savvy
  • Nutrient-Rich Foods
  • Shopping for Heart Health or Diabetes
  • Sustainable Supermarket Shopping
  • Sports Nutrition Basics
  • Snacking Smart: Think Out of the Bag
I know this is belated, but I wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring our staff to eat healthier. Your program sounds fantastic, I love that it is so flexible. I will talk to the girls about scheduling a group session in the near future

Bonnie Conte, Chief Inspirational Officer
Avalon, an Aveda salon spa shop, Deer Park, IL