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Am I Hungry?® is a highly effective, interactive workshop based on the multiple-award-winning book: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Dr. Michelle May. This eight-week workshop combines the benefits of an innovative, non-diet approach to healthful nutrition with the interaction, motivation and support of a group.  

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Participants learn:

  • To be in charge of their eating instead of feeling out of control
  • How to eat favorite foods without overeating
  • How to increase their metabolism
  • How to eat healthier without feeling deprived

Do you travel or have difficulty getting away from the house? Prefer to participate from the comfort of your computer and/or telephone? You can now participate in the 8-week Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshop by webinar (your telephone and/or computer) from the convenience of your home or office.


Here are just a handful of hundreds of testimonials we've received from past Am I Hungry?® participants:

Diana, Tele-workshop participant
"This has been a life-changing experience. It is quality and pleasure,
not avoidance and deprivation when it comes to food."  

Don's Story: Lifestyle Change Changes Your Life
At the advice of his doctor, Don decided to take the Am I Hungry?® Workshop to get better control over his diabetes. “I didn’t take the class to lose weight but to change my lifestyle. Weight loss just happened to be one of the benefits.” It certainly has. Read more...


Marcia's Story: Trusting Your Wisdom
Like many women of 62, Marcia had been on various diets. “I had been down that path over and over: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig…the usual. I even got thin a few times, but I always gained the weight back, plus more.” She even became a personal trainer and a wellness coach but continued to struggle with her own eating - that is until she learned about Am I Hungry? Read more about how Marcia learned to trust her wisdom to guide her toward freedom and health.


Jeannette's Story: Emotional Eating - The Missing Puzzle Piece
Known as Twiggy throughout high school, Jeannette remembers "the moment I began my struggle with emotional eating. I received some very traumatic news and it felt like a switch was flipped. I began using food for comfort. But I ate when I was happy too. I’d eat two rows of cookies and feel so ashamed. I even started hiding my food.” Read more about how Jeannette discovered the missing puzzle piece to resolving emotional eating.

How does a webinar work?

  • Your Webinar includes everything you need to change your relationship with food forever:
  • As soon as you're registered, we'll mail you a copy of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle and the Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly Workbook and Awareness Journal.
  • On the start date, you'll participate in a live workshop for 90 minutes once a week with me, your Facilitator and the others on this same journey. You'll call in using a conference line; you can also log in to see the slides on your computer (though a computer is not required for participation). Calls will be recorded in case you have to miss a session.
  • As Your Am I Hungry?® Facilitator, I will guide you through eight weekly workshops with important topics like how to handle head hunger, strategies for intuitive eating, getting more pleasure from less food, critical steps to take when you have eaten too much - and SO MUCH MORE.
  • You'll also have password access to our private participant web portal where you can share your successes, discuss your challenges with your classmates, write in a private online journal, and access our amazing Am I Hungry? Virtual Coach anytime you need help.
  • You'll receive a brief daily Mindful Moment email from Dr. May to keep you motivated and a weekly Workshop Summary to keep you focused.
  • You also have unlimited email access to me, your licensed Facilitator, to help support you and deal with any issues that come up between sessions.
  • Everything is included (except your long-distance calling service)


Here are more testimonials we've received from past Am I Hungry?® participants:


Lewis's Story: The Domino Effect
Diagnosed with severe heart disease, suffering from chronic pain, and at over a hundred pounds above his athletic weight, Lewis's situation seemed hopeless. He's lost 113 pounds and says, "Am I Hungry? is a 'getting healthy program.' The byproduct just happens to be losing weight." The videos of Lewis must be seen to be believed! Read more...


Lexie's Story: Overcoming Your Past
Not everyone who struggles with their weight has a troubled past. For those who do, weight is often a symptom, rather than the problem. Focusing on weight loss rather than coming to terms with the past is just a distraction. In many cases, it further compounds the problem. Lexie’s difficult story is punctuated with food-related memories and insights. It is a story of hope. "I love Am I Hungry? and I want others to know how powerful it is. I think for so many people, it seems 'too easy' so it's hard for them to believe it's possible. But I am living, thriving proof that it IS possible!" Read more about how Lexie has been able to overcome her past and heal her relationship with food.


Ginger's Story: It's Not About the Weight
Following the birth of her third baby, Ginger found herself getting on her bathroom scale four times a day. Ginger had never really dieted before but had always been very health conscious and interested in nutrition. After the baby, she found herself “closet eating” and feeling guilty. She intuitively knew that her sudden obsession with her weight and food wasn’t healthy. Read more about how Ginger freed herself.

Deanna's Story: A Journey of Self-Discovery
Deanna had yoyo dieted since high school then discovered herself on her journey of mindful eating. She's lost 30 pounds without trying but is more focused on the awareness and freedom mindful eating have provided. Read more about how Deanna is shedding more than just her past...


Jeff's Story: Am I Hungry? and Bariatric Surgery
At 643 pounds, Jeff was running out of time and running out of options. He made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. However, he knew that his fundamental problem wasn’t the size of his stomach, but his relationship with food. He participated in an Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshop prior to surgery and again afterward. He’s lost 423 pounds and attributes his tremendous success to the combination of bariatric surgery and changing his longstanding thought patterns around food. Read more and watch the amazing video of how he celebrated his success!


Sharon's Story: Fed Up with Thinking about Food
Sharon was fed up with thinking about food all the time and dieting only made it worse. When her family doctor invited her to participate in an Am I Hungry?® Workshop, "something just clicked." She's lost 32 pounds so far but Sharon says the best change is that she no longer has "food fantasies!" Read more of Sharon's story


Athan's Story: How to Eat Like a Thin Person
Athan's wife had been after him for years. "She is a pencil-stick. I thought only thin people could eat like that, not the rest of the world." Now Athan knows how to eat like a thin person. Read more...


Camerin's Story: Heal Thyself...Then Help Others Heal
Camerin, like many women, struggled with yoyo dieting and body image issues. Mindful eating and self-compassion have been transformational. Read more...


Colleen's Story: Small Steps, Big Changes
Colleen has been on every diet. When she won our Get Fit for the Holidays contest, she was ready for a new approach. She's lost 26 pounds but more importantly, feels energetic and in charge of her life. Read more...


Kevin's Story
If a picture is a thousand words, these two pictures speak volumes. Read more...


Adriana's Story
Adriana does not think of herself as someone with weight "problems" - unlike many fans of Am I Hungry? In fact, she had never tried fad diets or mass-marketed weight-loss programs...Read more of Adriana's Story


Dawn's Story
Several years ago, Dawn recognized that while she was doing a great job taking care of other people, it was often at her own expense. The result of this neglect was an overweight, under-fit body that didn't suit her busy lifestyle as a business professional, wife, and mother of two young children...Read more of Dawn's Story


Gen's Story
Gen grew up having her food intake monitored, controlled and restricted. Not surprising, she gained a lot of weight when she left home to go to college. She tried everything to take the weight off but it only got worse. Finally, her therapist referred her to Am I Hungry? and she lost over 100 pounds - which she has kept off for three years...Read more of Gen's Story


John and Kim's Story
John and Kim are the parents of four active children - two teenagers and two preschoolers. John works outside the home, while Kim manages the household and much of the childcare. In the past, John and Kim gave little or no thought to the healthfulness of their diet and lifestyle...Read more of John and Kim's Story


Michelle C.'s Story
It should have been one of the most joyous days of her life: Celebrating the impending birth of her first grandchild at her daughter's baby shower. Yet, as excited as Michelle C. was for her daughter, she left the shower feeling terrible about herself...Read more of Michelle C.'s Story


At first I was skeptical, but as time has progressed, I have become more confident that ‘Am I Hungry?’ really could be the answer I have been searching for!...Now, when I fail to eat mindfully or with intention, I take a moment to learn from the experience by asking myself what happened and why....(I’m now) eating more fiber and reducing the number of times per week I eat ice cream, substituting yogurt some days instead...I am now eating more mindfully, thinking about my hunger levels a...

Mary F.