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Health Nutrition Supplements

Sometimes, a change in diet won’t be enough to bring desired results that address the issue you came to us at Harmonic Nutrition and Wellness for. In this case, I’ll recommend special dietary supplements containing concentrated amounts of the substances you need.

As a registered dietitian, I’m able to make highly customized recommendations for supplement regimens. With my knowledge of food and drug interactions and full body chemistry, I take an integrative approach, treating your whole self instead of just your symptoms.


I base my recommendations on your

  • medical history
  • current diet and medications
  • family history
  • risk factors
  • goals
  • other lifestyle considerations

I can recommend specific brands or provide more general suggestions and guidelines that are not brand-specific, according to your needs.


Application Guidelines

I know it’s not helpful just to have a bottle of capsules shoved at you with dosage instructions. Instead, I’ll give you:

  • an overview of nutrients you may be lacking and why they’re important
  • educational material on each nutrient or supplement recommendation


Effects of Prescription Drugs

icon Prescription Drugs that Gobble Up Nutrients

Vitamin D

Studies show that almost everyone is deficient in Vitamin D, but most folks don’t know what their appropriate target levels are for this important natural substance. Learn more about Vitamin D, and where you can purchase discounted Vitamin D tests to establish your baseline levels.


There are many ways in which our world has become toxified, and you can use nutritional supplements to counteract its ability to pass those toxins on to you. Learn how.
icon Decreasing Toxicity and Chemical Exposures

icon Tips to Reduce Food Additives

icon Pocket Size Pesticide Guide


Quality Brands

A “nutraceutical” can be defined as a food (or part of a food) that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of disease. As a service to our clients, we offer for purchase several brands of professional grade, nutraceutical supplements that can be purchased right here for your convenience, following an in-person or distance session.

Full disclosure: Harmonic Nutrition and Wellness LLC does receive a percentage of each sale, but we only recommend and sell nutraceuticals we know to be of quality manufacture and trust to be effective.


emersonecologics logo

Emerson Ecologics is a distributor of professional quality supplements that can only be purchased via a health care practitioner.   This company carries thousands of professional products to choose from.   As Lesli's client,  you are able to access and order these products via patient-direct ordering.   

To order, follow these simple steps:

Click here to buy products.

You will be asked to register as a new customer
When prompted, enter the access code of "health" (not case sensitive) & the zip code 60047
Add items to your shopping cart
Enter your shipping and billing information
Submit your order

Its that easy. Now each time you need something, you just log in and order. It will save your previous orders to save you time or you can create a new order. Emerson also offers recurrent shipping so that your standard order is automatically shipped to you each month.

Emerson Ecologics has their own quality assurance program (EQP). Participating suppliers complete a quality application that details their current manufacturing processes, including cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes), raw material testing and final product testing. These applications are reviewed and summarized by the Emerson Quality department. The next phase of the EQP is a verification phase. Emerson Quality conducts a document audit. This requires the manufacturer to provide all requested manufacturing and analytical documentation for specific lots of particular products. The documentation audit is followed by verification product testing. Certain tests for selected products are conducted by an Emerson Ecologics qualified independent laboratory. These test results must be consistent with the product specifications and standards of the EQP. Following this testing, an on-site audit is completed by Emerson Quality for those manufacturers without an acceptable third party on-site audit within the previous 12 months, as well as for those manufacturers designated as EQP Gold partners. The quality practices of every EQP partner is re-evaluated annually by a document audit, on-site audit and/or analytical testing.



Xymogen produces patented, proprietary formulas for dietary supplements of such potency they’re distributed only through licensed healthcare practitioners