Harmonic Nutrition and Wellness




How We Work with Corporate Clients

We specialize in providing highly effective and engaging corporate wellness programs.  Each event is carefully designed and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.  Whether you want a lunch-and-learn, workshop series or coaching services for your employees, the end result is clear:  improved health and wellbeing, decreased risk factors for disease and ultimately, reduction in health care costs.  

Learn More About our Programs

Please call 847-383-5947 or email us to discuss your corporate wellness needs.  We will arrange a time to meet with you in person, SKYPE or telephone to discuss your goals and to develop a wellness plan for your organization.

Our facilitator was most excellent! She was especially talented at addressing our emotional and psychological needs going into this new avenue...Lesli was an excellent listener and picked up on progress that we ourselves did not identify

Karen M.