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It was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday, during the "am I hungry" workshop introduction! I found your session very intriguing, as the approach is completely different than any I’ve ever taken with food and an "ah-ha" moment for me! I was pleasantly surprised how listening to my body is the key to wellness and I continually hear your words of wisdom and I’m finding, it's all very valid and factual.

I'm happy to say, it's only Sunday and I’ve lost two pounds since Friday when I began using this approach. I've continued to listen to my body and I’m not even hungry. It appears the more I grazed, the more I needed to graze. Who would have guessed?

I look forward to continuing on this journey and making it a new, healthy way of life. This appears to be a very effective method of a healthier, happier lifestyle, free of the daily burdens of dieting.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this great concept to midtown. I think you'll be able to free many of the members from the unhealthy diets we all try as we look for the secret to permanent weight loss
Posted By: Mary Ann Zemla
Business Executive, Palatine, Illinois
This is a life change I can actually live with and continue to follow forever. I don’t feel like, ‘When will this diet be over?’ or ‘I’m going off my diet today...

I will admit that initially, I thought this ‘Am I Hungry?’ workshop would not work. It seemed too permissive to me after YEARS of dieting, starving and depriving myself. However, after completing the workshop, I have realized it really can work, if I truly follow it. Most importantly, it is sustainable!...

It was a huge relief to realize there were no ‘banned’ foods, which made me crave them less. After eight weeks, I did notice a small drop in the number on the scale, but realize that my next step is to become more active...

Lesli is wonderful! She is extremely supportive, flexible and well-educated on her topic.

Posted By: Jennifer F.
I am sold on the ‘Am I Hungry?’ program and intuitive eating as the way to good health and a happy, healthy weight...

This is the greatest! I will have to continue to work on my 'Self-Care Buffer Zone' and all the rest I have learned and experienced. It is challenging because change is not easy, but this program supports permanent change on so many levels and is about nurturing myself, not just about food and nutrition. I love it!...

Lesli is a fabulous facilitator, helping us to sort out our questions and issues, being gentle and supportive, and yet challenging us to change...Lesli is tops! She is very up-to-date and shares in both a professional and personable way.
Posted By: Mary Q.
At first I was skeptical, but as time has progressed, I have become more confident that ‘Am I Hungry?’ really could be the answer I have been searching for!...Now, when I fail to eat mindfully or with intention, I take a moment to learn from the experience by asking myself what happened and why....(I’m now) eating more fiber and reducing the number of times per week I eat ice cream, substituting yogurt some days instead...I am now eating more mindfully, thinking about my hunger levels and identifying exactly what I’m hungry for. Also, I am increasing my exercise by walking twice per week in addition to my yoga and trainer routine.

Lesli is a great facilitator. I’ve got a background in Human Resources and in Corporate Training, so I’ve seen a lot of facilitators over the years.She was tuned in to where the group was at any given moment, and was flexible enough to adjust her agenda accordingly...Lesli clearly cares a great deal about the people in her workshops, and projected that caring attitude throughout. She was open with us about her own challenges, which helped make us more comfortable about sharing our stories with each other...she did a wonderful job of getting our group to open up, and the discussions regarding our individual challenges have been great.
Posted By: Mary F.
Our facilitator was good at editing (content to fit time allotted), such that we covered what was most important to our group.
Posted By: Connie T.
Our facilitator was most excellent! She was especially talented at addressing our emotional and psychological needs going into this new avenue...Lesli was an excellent listener and picked up on progress that we ourselves did not identify
Posted By: Karen M.
I liked and appreciated Lesli, and thought she did an excellent job with the materials.
Posted By: Barb T.
Well, I took my bike to get air in the tires, and then took it for a ride. I was out and about on the bike for about 45 minutes, and it did two things for me: It showed me how very much I missed bike riding and it also made me feel good just to get out and move AND to accomplish something I've been wanting to do for quite a long time.

So, I came back home and told my hubby I wanted to go buy a bike that I would feel more comfortable on. We talked about it, and he said he'd like one too. He then said, “Let's go right now, and then tomorrow we can take a ride to XYZ place in the morning.” I was thrilled!

We went to pick them up this morning and rode them home together -- a 15-minute ride. YAY! I am SO excited that he wanted to get one too, and that he's excited about riding with me…Yipee!!

Thanks so much for helping me set this goal and for helping me think through some of my not-quite-so-logical logic. And thanks also for helping me realize I need to focus on the PROCESS, not just the YES/NO of goal completion.
Posted By: Mandy W.
Great teacher! Love Lesli, her kindness and her style.
Posted By: Judi S.

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