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I would definitely recommend Lesli's coaching services! I tried to integrate mindful eating techniques on my own but found that Lesli's coaching made all the difference!!

Lesli is always positive and helps you stay positive. She helps you set goals each session and having someone to check in with helps keep you on track. Lesli is a good listener and she can "hear" things you're saying that you may not have even realized.

You will always feel energized and ready to move forward after her sessions!

Posted By: Liz S.
Lesli facilitated and coached us in a caring, friendly and professional manner, and helped us bond and support one another. The discussions were open and personal. She lived the principled of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. Her knowledge of Dr May's ideas was exceptional. An added bonus was Lesli's professional credentials as a nutritionist.
Posted By: Judy B.
It was a pleasure working with Lesli as we ran our 2011 workshop group. She is a good communicator and flexible in working with our corporate system. Lesli has the ability to facilitate a group according to their needs. She provided a supportive environment for the participants and inspired them to walk the walk in the intuitive eating process.
Posted By: Paulette Brody, RN, BA, CFT, CMES
Program Director NorthShore University HealthSystem
Lesli was very calming, knowledgeable, and helpful in every way. She gave me some great ideas and also helped me with health issue questions. She is wonderful!
Posted By: Ina Marquardt.
Associate, Rustoleum, Inc. , Vernon Hills, IL
Lesli is very patient, empatheti, and comfortable with other people’s challenges and was great at including us all in the discussion and problem solving. She let us “talk it out” until we felt like we really got it and then reinforced the concept many times.

I now know the size of my stomach now and stop to think about the hunger scale and how I want to feel. I do constantly ask myself – why am I hungry? What else might work?

I would recommend this approach to others. I think we all focus on diets too much and this is a completely different approach to getting control of your life and eating.
Posted By: Gina W.
Stay-At-Home Mom of 3, Arlington Heights, IL
Lesli is a great facilitator and is passionate about the topic (mindful eating). She shared many insights, both professionally and personally and I think that anyone who took her class would feel comfortable and relate to her”.

I now listen to my body’s signals. I used to eat out of habit or out of being on a schedule but when I really listen to my body, find that I enjoy food more and I eat better. We all seem to be on autopilot and it’s a good idea to take a minute and figure out what we are doing with these lives we’ve been given. I want to live fully and healthfully and I believe this approach will help me achieve that.
Posted By: Jillian M.
Arlington Heights, IL
I learned that food is not the enemy and that self-management is key. But, there is so much more that enters into these concepts. The program allowed, me to learn a new way of viewing food and exercise. During the 8-week workshop, the core principles of the “am I hungry” and mindful eating were learned, practiced, and reviewed. I realize that a controlled diet like jenny Craig may work for a while, but it should not be used long-term. The controlled diet plan is defeating in the long run.

My group leader, Lesli, facilitated and taught us in a caring, friendly, and professional manner, and helped us bond and support one another. The discussions were open and personal. She herself lives the principles of “eat what you love” and her ideas of Dr. May’s ideas were exceptional. An added bonus was our leader’s professional credentials as a nutritionist.

I will whole-heartedly recommend this program to others. Many people have been in the same situation as I found myself with yo-yo dieting and giving up and gaining weight back again. It is so very self-defeating, making one’s life not the best it can be. This approach is easy to understand and makes sense. But, like anything worthwhile, it is necessary to practice before these concepts can be fully internalized. The 8-week framework was helpful in that the principles could be practiced.
Posted By: Judy B.
Lesli has been awesome – she was all of the above (inspirational & professional) as well as non-judgmental, encouraging, compassionate and caring. She also has a great sense of humor!

“Lesli has been very empathetic and is quick to ask some very thought provoking questions which have led to us discussing beliefs I really wasn’t even aware I had. This has re-shaped my thinking and made me more aware of how I think and some of the changes in my thinking I would like to make. She has been very effective at asking very detailed questions, which has been helpful in clarifying the problem and the solution.
Posted By: Bonnie B., Grimsby
Psychiatric Nurse, Ontario, Canada
Lesli provided invaluable information, support, and testing services which led to the identification of specific foods that one of my children was highly sensitive to. Eliminating these foods from his diet has really been a game changer for him at school and at home. He is more focused, is less moody, and is sleeping much better. I could have tried to do a food elimination diet on my own, but I never would have uncovered all the foods that the blood testing identified.

As an occupational therapist, I have worked professionally with many dietitians, and I would highly recommend Lesli to others. She provides not only excellent clinical services but she is also very effective at explaining complex reactions in an easy to understand manner.
Posted By: An Illinois mom & licensed occupational therapist
I know this is belated, but I wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring our staff to eat healthier. Your program sounds fantastic, I love that it is so flexible. I will talk to the girls about scheduling a group session in the near future
Posted By: Bonnie Conte, Chief Inspirational Officer
Avalon, an Aveda salon spa shop, Deer Park, IL

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